To mobilize the capacities and experience of a team of studious engineers in the service of reliable infrastructure projects for the development of regions and people.


As a specialized consulting company, INTEINSA prevents and solves complex engineering problems in an interdisciplinary, innovative, practical, and environmentally responsible manner, with engineering and ethical rigor; technically supports risk management, optimization, and project safety; provides support to the client, and creates value for its stakeholders. 

INTEINSA conducts studies, designs, interventions, and advice during the construction of civil infrastructure projects, buildings, and landfills, and evaluates the behavior of lands and works through instrumentation and field and laboratory tests.



  • Respect.  "Respect for ourselves guides our actions, respect for others guides our relationships" Laurence Sterne
  • Responsibility.  "Responsibility is the choice of the appropriate response to any circumstance" Stephen Covey
  • Reliability.  "Trust, like art, never comes from having all the answers but from being open to all the questions" Wallace Stevens
  • Transparency.  "You have to be transparent to not project shadows, it's better for the light to go through you" Kamand Kojouri
  • Commitment.  "Commitment is the engine that drives action towards achieving goals." Vince Lombardi



  • In 2017, the organization was recognized for the results achieved in the Enplanta Continuous Improvement program of the Mayor's Office of Medellin and the Science and Technology Center of Antioquia CTA, as one of the 10 best companies in the program.
  • In March 2023, the Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure - Antioquia Section, awarded it the Business Trajectory Award,to recognize and exalt its involvement in the infrastructure sector and for having 20 years of incorporation.



INTEINSA was formed in September 2003, with the purpose of providing specialized consulting engineering services, initially in the geotechnical area along with the instrumentation service, based on the extensive experience of Engineer Manuel Roberto Villarraga H., with vast experience in geotechnics and studies of dams and landfills, among others.


Later, the disciplines of geology, hydraulics and hydrology, and structures began to be constituted, in order to form an interdisciplinary group for the solution of complex engineering projects.


A few years later, services such as direct subsurface exploration (drilling) and indirect (geophysics and geoelectricity) and laboratory tests began to be offered, which allowed the company greater autonomy in the development of projects.


Recently, the environmental studies service was created, with which sustainability, environmental protection, and sensitization of the company's stakeholders on this issue are given the importance they require. There is also a significant commitment to innovation and the incorporation of new technologies that facilitate and offer tools for a more agile development of the company's projects.

También se ha incorporado la gestión de la innovación en los proyectos y en la administración de la empresa.

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